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Friday, April 1, 2011

Omega Bird Oil , Breeding Aid

Omega Bird Oil
Breeding Aid

(Omega 3,6 & 9)

polysaturated fatty acids and vitamin for caged & aviary birds.

capacity : 150ml,

Product Description
Oil-based breeding supplement, fortified with
stabilised vitamins for the addition to seed diets.

Key features:
Unique formulation of fatty acids and
vitamins. Used as an overnight soak on seeds, oils
naturally penetrate through the seed hull into the
kernel through osmosis. Assists in the normal
development of egg membranes and assists birds in
producing the maximum amount of fertile eggs. Batches
of seed can be made up to last a week, with treated
seed not used in the first day being stored in the

Recommended for:
All breeding birds on seed diets
leading into and during times of egg production.
Particularly useful for smaller birds that produce
large numbers of eggs or multiple clutches.
Can use with: Breeding Aid is a supplement to enhance
breeding success and egg membrane formation. May be
used in conjunction with other vitamins, minerals,
tonics and medications.

Mix 20ml (4 tea spoon) of Breeding Aid
per 1Kg of seed thoroughly by hand and allow the
mixture to sit for 12 to 24 hours to maximise seed
Add the required amount of Omega Bird Oil to seed,
and mix well to ensure an even spread of the oil.
Leave the seed for 24 hours before feeding to the
birds, (it takes some hours for the oil to penetrate
through to the seed kernel). Store the supplemented
seed in a cool place and do not prepare more than
will be eaten in about 3 days. In fussy eaters it may
be necessary to start with smaller amounts (5 – 10
mLs per Kg) to introduce the birds to the fully
supplemented seed.

Fatty Acids (including Oleic, palmitic and Linoleic Acids)
fortified with stabilised Vitamins A, D and E.